HCV/HIV Co-infection

HCV and HIV co-infection is correlated with accelerated hepatic fibrosis advancement and high rates of liver deterioration and death when compared to HCV monoinfection. Liver disease is also a prominent cause of non-AIDS associated mortality among HIV-infected patients. About one-third of people with HIV may also have Hepatitis C virus. Hepatitis C virus can spread in the way as HIV and Hepatitis B. HIV not only advances the defy of liver injury, but also speeds up the onset of liver damage and infection. Patients who are coinfected with HCV and HIV must work firmly with health care providers in order to closely monitor and also to treat both the conditions.

  • Management of HCV in HIV-coinfected individuals
  • Antiretroviral therapy in HCV/HIV coinfection
  • Assessment of HCV/HIV coinfection
  • Treatment of HIV in persons with HCV coinfection

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