Liver Fibrosis

Liver fibrosis occurs when the healthy tissue of your liver becomes scarred by excessive accumulation of extracellular matrix proteins including collagen which makes the liver cannot work as well. Liver repairs damage through the deposition of new collagen, as the way the skin and different organs heal wounds through deposition of collagen and other grid constituents. Advanced liver fibrosis results in cirrhosis of the liver, in which the architectural organization of the functional units of the liver becomes disrupted. Over time this process can result in liver failure, liver cancer and portal hypertension and often requires liver transplantation. While some studies have shown that the potential for the liver to regenerate or heal itself, once liver damage is done in humans, the liver doesn’t usually heal. However, medications and lifestyle changes can help to keep fibrosis from getting worse.

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  • Invasive and Non-invasive assessment of fibrosis
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